Whole nuts, full of flavor...

Whole nuts, full of flavor
Conscious nutrition is very much in vogue. Three out of four consumers attach great importance to nutrition1. Almost half, for example, pay attention to the high quality of food. It is also important that the food tastes good. Almost 100 percent of consumers attach great importance to good taste3. With BE-KIND™, they get it all in one bar: in the four varieties Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, Honey Roasted Nuts & Sea Salt, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate and Caramel Almond & Sea Salt, each bar is full of the best ingredients you can see and pronounce. The World Health Organization (WHO) has found that Germans do not eat enough nuts, fruits, vegetables and legumes4. With BE-KIND™, this trend can be countered, because the snack bars consist of up to 76 percent whole nuts.

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